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Owl Guardian Services Ltd

Taking Vulnerable People Under Our Wing

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What does a Deputy do?

What does an Appointee do?

What additional services can we offer people requiring support?

For those needing help and protection

Owl Guardian Services Limited provides professional support in safeguarding and managing property and financial matters for those who lack capacity and/or are unable to deal with their own affairs.

Our services are designed to help the most vulnerable in society, who may have learning disability, mental health problems or perhaps are elderly and frail. Although these people need assistance they may not have family or someone who is close to provide this help. In some cases their affairs have become too complicated for family or friends to cope with and professional help is required.

We work with Local Authority Social Services, NHS Trusts, Official Solicitor and Public Trustee, Housing Associations, Care Providers, Department for Work and Pensions, solicitors, advocates and the general public.

Our Services

We have a wealth of experience in deputyship and appointeeship work, including expertise in welfare benefit entitlements and property management.  Additional support is provided through our associate legal experts, financial consultants, care advisors and occupational therapists.

Case Studies

Every effort is made to ensure the client’s funds are invested in their welfare.  This can range from employing the services of therapists, procuring specialist aids for the disabled, or sometimes, by just organising additional home help or regular outings we can make a difference to an individual’s life.

Next Step

If you are a social worker, manager of a residential or nursing home, a concerned family member or friend, and you know of someone requiring our assistance, please contact us for free advice.