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Owl Guardian Services provides professional support with the management and safeguarding of financial and property matters for those who are unable to deal with their own affairs.
By ensuring the clients funds are invested in their welfare, we offer a unique service providing practical help to the most vulnerable in society.
Our dedicated staff our committed to working with the client’s families, advocates, social workers, clinicians and any other agencies involved in their care and welfare. We have a wealth of experience in providing the following services, whilst tailoring support to meet the individual needs of clients.

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Brief Overview:


Appointeeship are for clients who are in receipt of State Benefit Income only. Owl Guardian Services will collect the income and oversee how it is managed. The job includes making sure all entitlements are claimed, dealing with financial assessment form for care services, paying bills and providing the client, or their carers, with sufficient funds for day to day living.


A Deputyship Order for property and financial affairs is granted by the Court of Protection for people who lack the capacity to manage their own affairs. A deputy oversees all aspects of financial and property matters, ensuring the client’s income is maximised and assets are secured. It also offers vulnerable adults protection against financial abuse and the burden of unnecessary debt.
The management of a deputyship is overseen by the Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian.


A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPLA)

This type of Power of Attorney carries the same responsibility as a POA but is registered with the Court of Protection. It also differs from the former agreement by allowing for the donor to register an appointed attorney to act on their behalf, should they at some time lose the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.
With our expertise and very affordable rates, we offer the consummate service.
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