Terms & Conditions for Appointees

General Duties of an Appointee

As your Appointee Owl Guardian Services is responsible for the following:

• Benefit Claims
• Notifying DWP of change of circumstances
• Ensuring the benefit money is spent in the client’s best interest
• To communicate and pay bills including but not exclusive to utilities, rent and care fees.  Extent of services to be negotiated between client and Owl Guardian Services.
• Owl Guardian Services also provide a spending card or shopping card managed by the team, if required.

In order to perform the above duties Owl Guardian Services requires some personal information so that we may apply and communicate with the DWP and suppliers.  This includes the client’s bank details and personal information such as their national insurance number.  We also require an authority to act letter, signed by the client, to allow us to communicate with all parties.

Data Protection

Financial information is required by DWP and local authorities for the purposes of financial assessments.  To this end Owl Guardian Services will assist the authorities with providing this information as part of our responsibility as an appointee. Equally we will sometimes need to share information with suppliers. Outside of this it in not our policy to share or divulge any financial information to safeguard our clients. All information is shared and held in accordance with GDPR guidelines.


All set charges are listed in the attached fees and costs sheet.  The charges include a one off set-up fee and a monthly administration fee, collected at the end of each month from the clients managed account. 

Additional fees are levied for work undertaken, which falls outside of the general administration responsibilities.  This will be charged at a hourly rate, which is dependent upon the level of responsibility and skill set required.   The rates are reviewed annually.   

Work carried out by: 

Managers/ heads of departments: £55.00 per hour

Other works undertaken that do not fall within the responsibility and scope of work covered are levied at between £30.00 and £50.00 per hour.  Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.

Unless we agree to the contrary, any time spent by our staff or agents in travelling or in waiting to attend any meetings, Court hearings, etc., shall be calculated with reference to the hourly rates. 

Spending cards are provided by Owl Guardian Services.  There may be additional charges for this service. 

Our fees are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable. 

Our fees are payable irrespective of whether a matter proceeds to completion. Once we have sent you a bill of costs, we shall be entitled to pay our fees out of any sums that we receive or hold on your behalf, such as the proceeds of a sale of property.

There is a termination fee applicable of £195.00 to clients who wish to end their relationship with Owl Guardian Services

Disbursements and other costs

In addition to the set fees, the following disbursement incurred on your behalf will be recharged: 

• Court fees, lawyers’ fees, doctors or hospital costs;  

• The costs of copying and scanning of documents; 

• The cost of foreign telephone calls made on your behalf; 

The cost of all travel and accommodation reasonably incurred by us.

The disbursements will include VAT if applicable.

We may require you at any time either to pay us sums in advance (a payment on account) of any Disbursements or costs that we may have to incur, or to make any payments of this sort yourself direct to the provider in question.

Statement of Accounts

Owl Guardian Services do not send out bank statements as part of an agreement to safeguard our clients. Statements are provided as part of an annual or six-monthly review, but any statement made upon request is charged at £5.00.  If a client is deemed as lacking capacity, we may decline to forward financial statements as part of safeguarding protocols. 

Additional Personal Allowance

Preferably all additional payment requests are made via email to payments@owlguardianservicesltd.co.uk

Should clients be unable to use this service, they can request extra payments via a telephone answering message service on 01296 792492.  Please follow the options. Owl Guardian Services reserve the right to reject any additional requests if we feel is it financially imprudent or not in a client’s best interest. 


Should you wish to terminate the appointment of Owl Guardian Services, we request a letter notifying us of your intention.  This initiates a 14 day cooling off period.  Should you wish to terminate after this time then Owl Guardian Services will cease our involvement, notify the necessary parties and forward all monies held.    Owl Guardian Services may also cancel the appointment:

If we have good reason to do so and on giving you reasonable written notice; or

If we believe there are circumstances that justify an immediate cessation of the work that we are carrying out for you.

Governing Law

Any dispute or legal issue arising from our appointment as Appointees will be determined by the law of England and Wales, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts, notwithstanding that you may be based, or our services may be provided to you, elsewhere.